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Is Mobile Games Technology Ready for the Future?

Mobile devices are the major players when it comes to communication, finding information and entertainment – and when it comes to daily media consumption, mobile browsing has now overtaken television. This means that more people than ever are using their preferred IOS or android device to entertain themselves online.

How to Defend Your Image Online

If I had to express my thoughts on this in one pithy saying it’d be this: Be yourself; don’t be a jerk. This strategy keeps most people’s online images at least tolerably clean at least most of the time. In fact, you might not even think of your online self as an image.

WordPress: To Self-Host, or Not to Self-Host?

Reviewing your motivations for stepping into the online-ring – plus defining your future goals – can help answer our central question: should you self-host your WordPress site or use the free version?

An Introduction to the Alfa Romeo 4C

In recent years, Alfa Romeo has enjoyed success with its forays into the hatchback markets with the Mito and Giulietta, but the introduction of the new 4C brings the manufacturer back to its sporty roots, building a car which expresses the values and ethos of Alfa Romeo perfectly.

Make your Technology Work for You with Home Study

There are so many web users who simply use their range of hardware and software for entertainment, without really giving a second thought to doing more along the way. They are basically happy to search for bargains in the online stores, check out the daily news bulletins and interact with friends via various social media platforms.

Finding a Sub-niche for Your Personal Finance Blog

Some of the best finance blogs stem from the creator’s personal experiences. By achieving wealth, eliminating debt, starting a successful business, or becoming more financially independent, you’ve done something that most people haven’t.

Why It Is Essential To Have A Quality PDF Software

If you own a computer, chances are you have already come across PDF files during your work. Short for Portable Document format, PDF’s have been around since the early 90’s when Adobe Systems came onto the scene with their creation.

A Guide to SSL Cert and Encryption

Online security is always important and it often seems that with each new attack that we have to be extra careful. However, sometimes it helps to ensure you have the basics covered, as missing these can often leave you exposed to some of the oldest of tricks.

How Hetman Software Helps Remove Your Data Loss Pain

Losing files could be painful specifically if it’s something useful or critical for personal purpose. The situation become worst if you’ve accidentally lost the whole partition or it becomes inaccessible. Luckily, you’ve got some good data recovery utilities around that helps user repair their corrupt or damaged hard drive partitions as well as offers easy data recovery of your important files against various situations of data loss.

When is the Right Time for Small Business to Invest in CRM

A CRM software would track and identify what exactly happened by identifying the customer trends and help you solve the issues. Here is why and when you should start thinking investing in CRM.