Google blocked me from publishing my book (Social Circle) – Paul Adams

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Paul Adams the former Google employee and currently employee of Facebook has said in his personal blog “Google Blocked Me from publishing my book Social Circle” (Read). Paul Adams the former employee of Google is best known for his presentation “The Real Life Social Network”. The presentation highlighted the value of having a default for sharing social content.



paul  Adam was a User experience researcher in Google/Google+ project. Basically Google+ circle concept comes from his presentation. Adam left Google and joined Facebook in 2011 Jan.


He started writing his book Social Circle and completed it. As he is no more en employee of Google, so the search engine giant has asked him not to publish the book till the Google Plus goes public.

This might be a politics that Google has played, but as the book reveals the concept of circles and as Adam had worked on the project G+, so it’s legal that Google can ask him not to publish the book which reveals the project concept. It might have hurt Adam but its completely fare. No organization would like to reveal their project concept before it goes live in public. But now G+ has gone public but still Google has blocked Adam to publish his book. There is no idea why Google is stopping him to publish his book. As per Adam Google gave him the permission to write the book in earlier June 2010.

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