Google Trying to Stop Spreading of Malware

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Since this Monday, Google has started warning people who have a specific piece of malware
that uses proxies to send your data to and from the sites you visit. Yes this is true, people who have a specific piece of malware detected by Google, they get a warning message at the top of the search page. Google has posted the same in their official blog. Read it.




This is a piece of malicious  software that runs on your computer and sends the data to the hackers server. If this malware is active on your system all your traffic will be bypassed through a proxy server and hence what ever the data you send or receive is stored at the proxy server.


How does Google know that? Yes off course that is a genuine question that may come to your mind. Google system are so advanced that when ever you do any search the system detects from where the query comes or in other words Google systems are capable enough to detect if a search comes from a site of ill intent.

Now lets see how does this malware work? The fact is that if the malware is installed on your system it bypasses all your internet traffic to a proxy server, including the request and response. Please see the below image for more clear vision:




From the above picture it is clear that your request and response are getting routed through a hacker’s proxy server. If you are infected with this malware you may lose your data even your financial information may be stolen.


So if you see this type of warning from Google don’t ignore it but take it seriously and start acting on it.


What should I do if I am a victim?


If you are a victim of this malware immediately change all your passwords from a safe and secure computer.

Disconnect your computer from internet.

Update your antivirus software and do a whole system scan to clean your system.

If possible try to contact your antivirus software company support persons.

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