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Comparison of Different Website Hosting Providers

Website hosting providers offer similar basic functions intended to serve your website to the internet. However, the key features and their mode of execution may vary greatly. Here we have a comparison of a few website builders.

How To Start Printing Through Your iPad

The iPad offers an excellent way to boost productivity through its business applications, but entrepreneurs often neglect another aspect of the tablet that can be used to streamline business processes and reduce your company’s carbon footprint: the printing capabilities of the iPad.

How is Conversion to a VoIP Service A Better Option

The thought of transferring over to a VoIP telecom system can be daunting. You may already have an established PBX system that your business uses. You may think it will be a hassle to transfer everything to a new service, incur operational interruptions, and have to make changes. You should be relieved to know that none of these concerns are a reality when switching to a VoIP telecom system.

How to Set up Exchange ActiveSync for iPhone

The Exchange ActiveSync iOS is used to set up the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync account on Apple mobile devices including the iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini, and iPod Touch. The protocol was designed for the effective, efficient and secure real-time synchronization of emails and contacts, tasks and calendars, and notes from a messaging server to the...