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What is WordPress Shortcode and Why to Use Them

Wordpress shortcodes were introduced in version 2.5 and since then it has proved to be one of most useful features. Learn about Wordpress shortcodes and use them in your wordpress website.

Pinta The Best Alternative to Paint.Net For Linux

People who are used to Paint.net photo editing software are facing problems after migrating to Linux platform as Paint.net is not available for Linux. Here is a best alternative to Paint.net for Linux called Pinta.

What is Google Chromecast and How to Use it

Google Chromecast is the easiest way to enjoy online video and music on your TV. Plug it into any HDTV and control it with your existing smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Shopping Around to Create a Better Mobile Website

Businesses need to have good mobile websites in order to be successful, but the problem is that not every business knows what they are doing when looking to create a mobile website.

Creating Your Own Game Website

You have quite a few options when creating and monetizing your game website. You can create a free trial website where you insert games offered by editors and for a fee.

Poker’s New Influence In Social Media

Since the birth of social media, poker has again been pushed further into the limelight with many poker apps being available, the game itself being able to be played through sites like Facebook and the ability to now play the game on the run through the use mobile phones and tablets.

How to Display Popular Posts in WordPress

Learn how to display most popular posts on your blog based on comment count. This is a basic tutorial towards building your own plugin to display popular posts in WordPress.

Download 86 Elegant Themes Only For $39

Elegant themes are most affordable and reliable WordPress themes available in the market. Now you can download all 86 themes only for $39. Take the chance and give your blog a beautiful look.

Test Website Loading Time With These Free Webtools

Page load time is an important factor in SEO and search engine ranking. Even Google says that “the web should be faster”. Better the page loading better is the ranking. Here are some free tools to test your blog/website page loading performance.


Codilight: A Wonderful Responsive WordPress Theme

Codilight is a beautiful responsive Wodrpress theme developed by FameThemes. It is best suitable for Magazine and Blog websites. Hers is our complete review of Codilight Wordpress theme. This is one of the recommended theme of our blog.

How to Edit PDF files without Adobe Acrobat

Learn how to edit PDF files or manipulate PDF documents without the use of Adobe Acrobat software. If your are looking for some free alternatives to Adobe Acrobat then this guide you help you a lot.

How to Remove Tags from Multiple Photos at Once on Facebook

Though Facebook photo tagging is an awesome feature but some times it may put you into problems if someone misuses the feature and tags you in unwanted photos. Here is how you can remove tags from all photos at once.