10 Best DLNA Streaming Applications for iPhone

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DLNA streaming is becoming widely used by mobile users these days. The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) is an organization that establishes a set of standards that will guide on the proper use of DLNA devices when sharing various forms of media files such as music, images and videos. Using a DLNA streaming application on your iPhone will give you the ability to communicate and connect with other DLNA certified devices. Here are the DLNA streaming applications that are optimized for iPhone that will give you the best options to use on your device.

1. PlugPlayer

This application allows iPhone users to enjoy streaming videos, picture and music on their iPhone from a media server. The media files on a media server becomes accessible to an iPhone device and you can control the Pluglayer from another iPhone device too. You don’t need to move to reach your iPhone or iPod dock to change the volume or scan the playlist because this function is now available on your iPhone. So sit back, relax and enjoy the music streaming on your iPhone.

2. Media:Connect

This is a free application for DLNA streaming that supports a host of file types. This includes images with JPEG and PNG formats; videos from varieties of video formats; and music supported by audio formats of AAC, FLAC, MP3, WAV and ALAC. The app is user friendly with basic settings to use. It is best for anyone without any know-how about mobile technology. Other features include using your iPhone to control your digital media renderer remotely and a TV output for playback.

3. SmartStor Fusion Stream DLNA Digital Media App

This is a DLNA streaming app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that allows the user to stream pictures, videos and music that are saved on the SmartStor digital media server anywhere you may be. You can access, download and retrieve your files from the SmartStor digital media server to your iPhone and vice versa. It comes with a Digital Media Controller where you can browse for contents and to remotely control the playback device. The app has an integrated search tool to easily find your media files.

4. 8Player

This app for iPhone supports a wide range of formats for videos, audio and images. This is one of the amazing DLNA streaming apps that could run any type of media files without any issues. 8Player is also easy and convenient to use with simple usability without the need of technical knowledge when operating the app. Additional features include support for playback, remote control and gesture support.

5. AirPlayer

This application allows access to media files from Windows 7 to your DLNA enabled iPhone. It supports smooth streaming of media files and data on your iPhone. It comes with an auto refresh tool that helps you to discover the digital media servers available on your local network. It also supports snapshots of media file, photo thumbnails, search function for media and Airplay feature.

6. ConnectR

What makes ConnectR different and unique from its counterparts is its feature that supports radio which is not available in other DLNA streaming apps. It can stream more than 10,000 internet radio stations on your iPhone through this application. It supports USB music player, iPhone or iPod dock player, UPnP music player, radio on and off and volume and recall of radio stations.

7. Onkyo Remote

You can enjoy remotely controlling your A/V station while listening to your favorite stream of music with ease and convenience. You can seamlessly control your Onkyo network of A/V receivers. You can access various internet radio stations without the need to access a TV display. It also comes with an accelerometer and volume control operation. The app is compatible with any Apple device running on iOS 4.2 or higher.

8. Buzz Player

This app provides support on different codecs for audio and video, streaming protocols and file formats. Its other features include a high definition video playback, subtitle support for various languages with the ability of the user to change the font type, color and size and it comes with a built-in browser for network and internet.

9. ArkMC

This app is very straightforward to use and you can easily manage your video, audio and photo streaming with ease. An advantageous feature of ArkMC is that it allows its users to stream video from your iPhone or iPad devices to your MAC, HD TV, Computer, Xbox and PS3. Downloaded media files on your iPhone can be viewed even offline.

10. GoodPlayer

Using Good Player does not require the conversion of media files. The app supports different forms of media codec and formats. All you need to do is to transfer your media files using the iTunes File Sharing or through a WiFi connection to your iOS devices. Its features are the combination of a movie player, a down-loader and streaming media player that runs on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.



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