6 Gadgets that Make Watching Your Favorite Flicks Absolutely Epic

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Nothing is better than enjoying your favorite television shows and movies at home. You have your comfy couch and favorite snack within reach, so why not heighten your home viewing pleasure with the ultimate gadgets? Here are six gadgets to make watching your favorite flicks absolutely epic.

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1. Logitech Harmony Touch Controller

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably tried using a universal remote before without much success.  They take forever to program and they’re always bulky. Logitech introduces the Harmony touch controller to put an end to unusable universal remotes.

This universal controller does everything your remote can (plus more!) with an easy-to-use interface and style. The controller is thin and lightweight and features a touch screen similar to your smart phone. You can store channels on the main screen to avoid having to scroll through pages of channels on your television guide. This controller will make TV- and movie-watching all the more enjoyable.

2. Lutron Single Rania IR Digital Dimmer

No movie-watching experience is complete without the proper ambiance. You can dim your living room lights down to theater darkness with the Lutron Single Rania IR digital dimmer. Because this system is infrared, you can use this dimmer with a remote control so that you always have the perfect lighting in the room without leaving your seat. Lights dim and brighten slowly with the touch of a button. You can even program this dimmer with the Harmony touch controller so that the lights dim automatically when you start your movie.

3. Favi SmartStick

If you haven’t splurged on a smart TV just yet, don’t worry. The Favi SmartStick is a great option for those who want all the features of a smart TV without the smart TV price. The SmartStick is a USB flash drive-sized device that plugs directly into the HDMI port on your current TV. Using your wireless internet, you gain access to all kinds of streaming media such as YouTube, Netflix, and HBO Go. The Favi SmartStick gives you the same interface as any smart TV, allowing you to use internet or any application of your choosing. This device allows you to do more with your current TV set-up.

4. TiVO Roamio Pro DVR

Upgrade your home theater system with a state-of-the-art DVR system. The TiVO Roamio Pro DVR records your favorite shows in superior quality HD while you watch live television. In addition, this DVR has an interface that allows for streaming applications for media or sports.

This will allow you to keep up-to-date on all of your favorite TV shows, while enjoying customizable features to improve your TV watching experience. And once you have it all set up, you might want to consider visiting bundle.tv to find affordable packages to help you fully utilize this DVR to its fullest potential.

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5. Epson HD Projector

For the ultimate in movie- and TV-watching, you have to get a projector. The Epson HD projector offers a 100-inch high-definition picture. The projector is easy to set up so that watching the big game at home gives you the feel of really being there. This projector also supports 3D content, meaning you can enjoy a 3D movie experience from the comfort of your own couch. The Epson HD projector really makes movie and TV watching epic.

6. Presto PopLite Hot Air Popper

No movie-watching experience is complete without popcorn. But don’t settle for half-burnt microwave popcorn. The Presto PopLite hot air popper pops popcorn quickly and evenly. It can pop up to 18 cups of popcorn in a little over 2 minutes so there’s no excuse for not having freshly made popcorn. Air popping also allows you to customize your popcorn to your liking whether you choose extra butter for an old classic movie or garlic salt for a vampire flick. Armed with your Presto PopLite popper, your movie watching experience is complete.

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Take your at-home theater from ho-hum to epic by adding these six gadgets. Whether you choose a more convenient or luxurious experience, you can have the home theater of your dreams. Use the comments below to tell everyone about your favorite gadget in your epic home theater.



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