A Better Way To Save Webpage as PDF File

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Important Update: Joliprint service has been shutdown forever. So this process will no longer stand valid. Not sure why but they have shutdown their services. 

In one of my post I discussed about How to Convert Any Web Page into PDF Files and in this article I will discuss even a better way to convert web page to PDF files. Both of the procedures are fine but the process I am going to explain is better in terms of look and feel and layout of the PDF file.


Joliprint is a web based service which is used to convert any web page to PDF file. But Joliprint creates a better and good layout of the webpage when it creates the PDF file. So if you create the PDF using Joliprint the readability of the file is good and there will not be any un necessary advertisement in the file which generally comes from the webpage when you save it as PDF file.

Go to Joliprint and enter the URL of the webpage your want to save as PDF file and let the Joliprint finishes its operation. Once the process is completed you can see multiple options to deal with the file e.g. download the PDF file, save in Google Docs, share on Facebook, Share on Twitter, Email and a short link to the generated PDF file.

The layout of the generated PDF is different than the webpage and it even looks better than the original. Have a look at the PDF generated for this article.


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  1. Caroline Key says:

    Great tip! It’s easy to use and saves in a really clean format. Thank you!

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