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Searchco.de is an instant search engine for all programming related information which is very useful for the programmers who often writes codes in different languages and need language documentation.

As searchco.de is an instant search so it gives result as soon as you finish typing and believe me it is very fast. You enter a function name and searchco.de will instantly show you the list of all languages where the function is available with the description and use. The fact is that you can search for anything and not only the function name; if your search word is present in any programming language it will show you the result. To limit the result to a specific language you can enter the function name and the language name e.g. main C++. You can also find the documentation for the Windows and Linux commands.

But searchco.de will not be able to help you in finding a particular piece of code snippet or if you are trying to debug your code and need some reference code snippet. For that purpose you can always take the help of Google Code Search which is a part of Google lab projects. You can also make use of Krugle or Koders to search for any code snippet.

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  1. Anonymous says:


    As of the last release of searchco.de you now can search over code snippets. The function is roughly the same as the soon to be defunct Google Code search. Try the following examples,


    Let me know what you think!

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