Ayodhyanath Guru


Ayodhyanath Guru

Hi I am Ayodhyanath Guru. I am the Founder and Editor In Chief of Jafaloo.com, one of the fastest growing tech blog, where I like to share my thoughts,experience on new technologies and various solutions to technical problems. I completed my B.Tech in Electrical in the year 2007. Immediately after completing my B.Tech  I joined my job as a Software Developer. Now I have 6 years of experience in software development and services in IT industry. I love programming in Java/J2EE, PHP, Ajax, Java Script. 

 Prior to the start of Jafaloo.Com, I was writing in several other blogs on different topics. But I was not spending much time in writing blogs. Now I have decided to write blog posts regularly on different topics.

How It Started:

During my engineering studies, I started learning about web site development and how to host a website. During that time I got a free sub domain and started a small static web site for my learning purpose. I have always been planning to start my own website and after joining my job I started my own website. I do have 4 websites till now.

My Profession:

I am a software developer by profession and currently working in an MNC company. Apart from that I like to work on several technologies. I do work on developing websites in php. Currently I am working on parallel computing on my personal interest and trying to explore Apache Hadoop in detail.

What I Offer :

  1. Website Designing Services
  2. Content Writing Services
  3. Blog Building and Management Services
  4. Search Engine Optimization Services
  5. Blog Consulting Services
  6. Product Review Services