Add a Featured Post Slide Show to your Home page [WordPress Blog]

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Look and feel is the most important part of any blog or website. Your content should be highly visible to your visitors, so that they can easily browse through your content, other way it decrease the bounce rate of your website. It is always advisable to have a featured post slide show on your home page, it creates a better look and feel and and also highlights the featured posts of your website or blog. 

slide-showToday we have implemented the slide show on our blog, you can see a demo here. Smooth Slider is a wordpress plugin for creating dynamic slide show of featured posts on your wordpress blog. This slide show is a fully optimized for SEO as it is text and java script based.


How to install and what to do? 

STEP1: Download and install the Smooth Slider plugin to your blog.


STEP2: Activate the plugin.


STEP3: Go to the setting of the Smooth Slider plugin and customize the look and feel of the slide show plugin according to your blog look and feel.




That’s all now you have successfully installed and customized the slide show plugin for your blog.

But your task is not yet completed. But just activating the plugin will not create any featured post slide on your home page. You need to add a piece of code to your theme’s index.php file.


Required code changes:


STEP1: Open the index.php file of your theme and add the below lines of code to it just before the posts code, (for your reference just before  <?php if ( have_posts() ) : while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); ?> or something similar)


          <!– For slide show widget –>
          <?php if ( function_exists( ‘get_smooth_slider’ ) ) {

        <!– Slide showwidget ends –>

 Now your featured post slide show is ready.

How can I make a post as a featured post? 

As you have done all the things now its time to add featured posts to your slide show. To make a post as featured post follow the below steps:


STEP1: Login to your blog and open the post to edit it.


STEP2: Scroll down and you can see the Smooth Slider’s widget at the bottom, just select the “Add this post/page to” check box and update the post as shown below:




That’s all, now your featured post slide show is completely ready. Visit your home page and test it. If you have any issues in implementing let me know with your comments.


+Ayodhyanath Guru holds a B.Tech degree in Electrical Engineering and has worked with various prestigious clients in the IT industry and presently working as a Software Engineer. He is a part time blogger and presently authors the Jafaloo.Com blog. Being a tech enthusiast Guru likes to surf the web and blogs about interesting technical topics like How-To guides, freewares, Tutorials, Software, Gadgets, web applications etc. Apart from blogging he likes coding in Java/J2EE and PHP.

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