Add MP3 Files On Your Blog or Web Pages Using Google Audio Player

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Most of the bloggers or webmasters have the same question “How to add mp3 files to blog or web pages”, even I was having the same question before. But there is a really simple and easy solution which you can use to add mp3 files to blog or webpages. You can use “Google Audio Player” for completely free to add mp3 files to blog or web pages. Google Audio Player is a full featured audio player with lots of custom controls. More over there is no Google branding for this audio player, so no need to worry abut branding issues.


Google Audio Player


How to add MP3 files on blog or web pages


Here is the code that you can add to any blog or web page to add an MP3 file to be played.

<embed type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” src=”” quality=”best” flashvars=”audioUrl=URL-TO-MP3-FILE” width=”450″ height=”28″></embed>

In the above code just replace the URL-TO-MP3-FILE with the real URL of the mp3 file. You can also customize the width and height of the player by setting the desired values in the width and height parameter in the above code. For a demo of the above code please check the below Google Audio Player embedded.



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