Adding a Subscribe Button to Your Facebook Profile

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Facebook has recently added a new option to the profile pages called “Subscribe”. This option will allow people to follow your updates just like you follow someone in Twitter. So whenever you post something on Facebook with privacy set as “Public” your subscriber will also get that update status. So you would be happier if people who are not in your friend list can get the updates from you. This is just like a fan following, the more the fan you have the more you are popular like that the more the subscriber you have the more the popular your are. Facebook profile subscribe option is also a great option for those people who does not want to add too many friends into their friend list but still they want to give updates to non-friend users.


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                                                Well, the new subscribe feature can be clearly seen as an advantage over public pages since by letting your non-friends subscribe to your updates, you don’t really need an individual public page on Facebook for posting updates related to your work. So when ever some one hits the subscribe button on your Facebook profile page will automatically be subscribed to your updates and they will get the updates posted by you privacy set as public. Also these subscribers can comment on the updates posted by you if you grant the permission to them.


So how to add the subscribe button to your Facebook profile page?


If you would like to add a subscribe button to your Facebook profile page then you may do so by visiting But you need to be sure that whatever you want to share with your subscriber should be made as “Public”. To confirm that what stuffs are public you can go to your profile then click on “View as” button then click on the “public” link, this will show all the posts that are public.


So take the advantage of the subscribe option in Facebook profile page and let the world see what is in your mind.


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