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Jafaloo, founded in 2011 is getting more and more popularity across the world day by day. The site has a decent number of visitors and page views per month and it is increasing very fast. We are putting our best effort to make it a unique source of information. 

Jafaloo covers computer software, gadgets, technical tips, how-to articles, web applications, tools etc. This page is a guide for those who wants to advertise on Jafaloo.

Requirements and Guidelines:

1. Ads can not contain any nudity and it should be family safe.

2. We do not accept any text links and all ads should be of banner format.

3. We do not provide you any tracking mechanism, hence you have to rely on your own click tracking system.

4. We do not accept flash ads however animated GIF ads are allowed.

You can make payments through the below options:

  1. Using PayPal
  2. Using Direct Bank Transfer (NEFT)

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