An Introduction to the Alfa Romeo 4C

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In recent years, Alfa Romeo has enjoyed success with its forays into the hatchback markets with the Mito and Giulietta, but the introduction of the new 4C brings the manufacturer back to its sporty roots, building a car which expresses the values and ethos of Alfa Romeo perfectly.


The Simple and Pure Sports Car

The 4C is a sports car, pure and simple, and when it comes to sports cars it’s difficult to find an affordable name with the cachet that Alfa Romeo carries. All of the great hallmarks are there: the 4C is light and nimble with a carbon fibre chassis weighing just 65kg, and even the 1.8 turbo engine weighs just 22kg, giving the 4C a final weight of just 925kg. Trust us — that’s very light.

Lightweight Aluminium Engine

With the lightweight aluminium engine putting out the equivalent of 259bhp per tonne, that’s enough to match most high-end supercars but without the price tag or fuel consumption. Needless to say, it’s a pretty quick beast. The 4C can easily hit 155mph and hit 62mph in four and a half seconds. It’s not all about performance, though. The fuel economy sits somewhere around 41.5mpg on a mixed urban/motorway run, which is pretty impressive considering the bottom-rung Porsche Cayman has a similar price and speed stats but with slower acceleration and much higher fuel bills.

Beautiful Interior

The 4C is not only a stunning car from the outside, but it’s also pretty handsome inside too. The bucket seats give you the sporty feel as soon as you get in and although the dash and instruments may seem basic at first, it’s easy to see that the real reason behind the economy is saving weight and improving on performance. For the true driver and sports car fanatic, that’s a no brainer.

It would be fair to say that the buzz around the Alfa Romeo 4C has been considerable, and it’s easy to see why. This car is Alfa Romeo back to its roots, and petrolheads everywhere will be rejoicing at the fact. Not only is it a true sports car, but it’s economical and affordable to boot, which will immediately put the car on the motoring map. The 4C will set you back a relatively reasonable £45,000, although only around 200 cars are expected to reach the UK each year.


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