Apps To Track Lost Or Stolen iPhone

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Just like the Mobile World welcomes a heavy rush of mobiles daily into market, at the other end mobile theft is increasing at an exponential rate! At this point it is much necessary to safeguard phones in all the possible ways. If it is being stolen; Installing apps to delete the data, installing tracking apps, taking insurance, etc are some of the essential measures to be taken by users. Basically the tracking apps will help us to locate the phone to an extent. Plenty of such apps are available in the store for iPhone users to be more secure. Some of the best Apps To Track Lost Or Stolen iPhone are listed here.


Some Of The Best Apps To Track Lost Or Stolen iPhone 


Find my iPhone


Apps To Track Lost Or Stolen iPhoneA great app to find the lost iPhone. If this app is already installed in iPhone, once the phone got lost the user can use another iPhone with the same app to find out the phone thereby protecting the data. This app shows the location of the missing phone on a map ad plays a sound along with a message on screen even if it is in silent mode. Another feature is the lost mode, where the phone will be locked and a contact number will be shown on the screen. It also history of its recent locations and gives driving advises to reach the destination. We can also set to delete all the stored data.




Apps To Track Lost Or Stolen iPhoneGadgetTrak is an awesome tracking app for iPhone. For initiating the tracking, log in to the specific user account via any web browser and enable tracking. Immediately it starts to give location reports and map points. This app uses the GPS in the phone to give accurate location. If that is not possible it uses the most distinguishable feature where it takes snapshots of the thief with the front camera keeps a complete location history and it’s a complete free app.


Device locator


The longest running tracker app! It keeps in track of running log of the phones location, so even if the device got switched off the last location will be automatically saved. This app automatically turns on the GPS every time it changes the cell tower and records the most accurate location. One of the advantages of this app is that we can check the location history by logging into our account from any computer or phone. We can also set an alarm, send a message to the device from our account and also can set the device such that it takes snapshot of the culprit automatically and mail to our account at the moment. The device is free of monthly subscription fee.




FoneHomeYet another useful tracking app to track out the lost or stolen iPhone. Similar to the previous mentioned app this app also got features such as setting alarm, sending a message with sound, taking photo of the thief etc. It uses either GPS or Wi-Fi connection to track the location. FoneHome can efficiently store the last 100 locations of the phone which can be checked by logging into the FoneHome site. Although this app doesn’t charge any subscription fee it comes with a small cost.




Latitude, an app to keep our friends updated about our position as well as to keep in track of them. It helps to track the phone in case if it’s lost though no tracking app is been installed. We can set it to update the position automatically via GPS and it keeps the history of the location.


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