Auto Publish Your Facebook Status On Twitter

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Facebook the face of social networking has been adding lot of features to it. Recently they added profile subscribes functionality and now they have joined the hands with Twitter. Yes now you can link your Facebook account with your Twitter account to auto publish your Facebook page posts on Twitter. I would like to say a big thank to Google, if Google Plus would not have been launched then we would not have got all these nice Facebook features probably.


Twitter Updates from Facebook


As above I said this new feature will let the users post auto updates to your Twitter account. But presently this feature is available only for Facebook pages and not for Facebook profile.


How to Link your Facebook and Twitter Account


People who want to update their Twitter status update via Facebook can use this quick guideline to integrate Facebook and Twitter account. But remember the status updates which are set to public will only be published on Twitter, so while updating your status on Facebook page make sure that you make the privacy as public.


To link your Facebook and Twitter account use the Facebook – Twitter service link page and select the page for which you want to link your Facebook and Twitter account.


                 Facebook to Twitter1




On the next page it will ask you to login to your Twitter account and to authorize the app. Once you give the authorization to the app it will again come back to Facebook – Twitter page, here you can make all other setting changes related to sharing on Twitter options.


                 Facebook to Twitter2



                 Twitter - Facebook an application


                 Facebook to Twitter3


That’s all, now your Facebook and Twitter account are linked together. Now its time to test the updates is being published to Twitter or not. To test this post some updates on your Facebook page you selected earlier with privacy set to public, now login to your Twitter account and check if the status has been updated.


How does it help the Webmasters and Bloggers?


Most of the webmasters and bloggers have their social networking accounts to post updates and most of them do have the Facebook fan page also. Now you need not separately post your fan page updates to Facebook and Twitter. You just need to update it on Facebook and the same update will be published on your Twitter account too. This makes your work easier and all things can be managed at the single place.


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