How to Avoid Major SEO Mistakes

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There’s enough and more talk about SEO and how it helps businesses grow but there are many pitfalls along the way. SEO is not an easily understood term and a general idea of it is the use of key words to ensure high ranking in search engines. While Search Engine Optimization is that, there is a lot more going on for it and it is important to keep that in mind. There are some major SEO mistakes that users make and here’s how you can avoid them.


1. Too Many Keywords, too Often

Called ‘stuffing’, this is a massive mistake that users tend to make and it is counter-productive, to say the least. The idea of the keyword is to pick words carefully and then use them sparingly so as not to stuff search engines. A point of worry is that many search engines are coming down hard on keyword stuffing and you might find your website or blog pushed down a few pegs rather than elevated if you tried too much, too often. Quality is the key everywhere and in SEO too and you must make sure that that is what you strive towards.


2. About Links

Links are a great way to garner attention for your site. But you have to avoid some mistakes here too. If too many keywords are a bad idea, so are too many links. You need to ensure that the links are in workable condition to direct users to your site or the vendor site. That means don’t stuff your article with too many links. If they are bad or broken links, it will only spell trouble for you. One good, working link is far far better than many indifferent ones. Ensure that the links within your page are also in good condition so as to better the quality of your site.


3. Navigation

While great writing is vital for SEO, it is also important to have really good design. Your website should be easy on the eye, appealing and simple to use. From the first instance a visitor gets to the site to the crucial instance where he makes his purchase and then logs out, the entire experience should be clear and seamless. If your SEO does not take into account good design elements then only half the job is done.


4. Title choices

The first thing to grab eyeballs is the title of the site and it is the first thing that search engines also spot. You need to make sure that your pages have titles that match the content they are offering. You can use a keyword here as well and you can also take help in the form of technology to help you eliminate page titles that sound too close to the one you have in mind.


5. Too much Meta

Meta keywords aren’t the most important element in your content so don’t waste too much time looking for the perfect one. In fact, most search engines don’t bother with meta tags to throw up information. So don’t dwell too much on this.


6. Versions

You want to make sure that your site is compatible with all sorts of versions. So create both HTML and Flash to make sure you get across to as many users and their devices as possible. Make sure there’s a connect between the content and the images on the site or you’ll have irate and puzzled users.
It is well within your powers to make SEO work effectively for you. Follow these simple suggestions and see things happen!

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