Backup Your WordPress Blog for Free of Cost

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Regular backup of your WordPress based self-hosted blog is an important task. In fact every webmasters should give some time to setup a proper backup service for their blogs or websites. There are lots of backup services available for WordPress which are good to use but these are not free. Not all bloggers can afford to have a paid backup service. So here is a simple and effective free backup service for your WordPress blog.

Wp Time Machine is a free WordPress plugin which helps you to setup a free backup service for WordPress blog with DropBox (DropBox is a free backup service). This plugin can take the complete backup of your blog, including database and can upload the backup data to your DropBox account.

You can also backup your data to Amazon S3, your FTP server or DropBox. To setup a free backup you can use your DropBox account.

Features:  A. You can choose to exclude your cache directory. B. Automatic exclusion of MySQL tables that does not start with your table prefix.

Once you have successfully installed the plugin you can provide your DropBox credentials and optionally provide the directory and hit the Generate wp Time Machine archive button. Within some time you can see the backups in your DropBox directory.

Wordpress Free Backup

Setup up Automatic backup with Cron Job


There are option to choose between manual backup and automatic backup. Earlier said procedure is the manual backup process however you can set the cron job to take automatic backup of your WordPress blog. For more detail on setting up backup with cron job you can visit this link.

Note: When you are setting a cron based backup make sure that your cron timing is not very frequent. You can choose a daily based backup or a weekly based backup to decrease the load on your server.

Wp Time Machine is really a great plugin to protect your WordPress blog. If any of you have come across such free backup service for WordPress please do share it with us with your comments, your valuable comments are most welcome.


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