Basic SEO Tips You Should Know

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Basic SEO TipsSearch engine optimization (SEO) is the backbone of optimized search engine traffic. Bloggers and content base sites can use the power of the wonderful content they create for their sites to get better rankings on search engines by implementing SEO. A site that is poorly optimized for search engine traffic should not expect much traffic from Google and other search engines.

And as a blogger, your major source of traffic should come from search engines. But the most important thing is not just getting traffic from search engines, but getting traffic that will be beneficial and sustainable to your site. When the traffic you get from search engines is well optimized, you can easily monetize it and make reasonable amount of money from doing so.

Below are some basic SEO tips you should know as a content developer.


How to Use Strategic Link Building to Optimize Your Site’s Rankings


Link building has been and will always be a very strong determinant factor in SEO. If your blog manages to get a lot of backlinks from powerful sites on the internet, search engines will be able to trust your site and make it rank better for keywords you are optimizing for.

There are many ways you can get backlinks to your blog, and notably is guest blogging. You can also get backlinks through blog commenting, this form has been for long and still works wonders. Mashable is an important site that is able to grow well through the comments its founder, Pete Cashmore, made on other sites.


How to Use Keywords to Tailor Traffic for Your Site


Keywords are a powerful tool you must learn how to use well in your article composition and backlink building process in order to trim the type of traffic you get to your blog to the specific need of your visitors.

Take for instance your blog is about making money online, getting traffic from keywords like weight loss tips and medical solutions will only keep your site busy. It won’t help you generate leads, Adsense clicks or email subscribers – and these are the essential things you need to keep your blog growing.

Optimizing for keywords and ranking for them is dependent on a few factors:

  • The competitiveness of the keyword

  • The effort and time you invest in optimizing for this keyword

  • The intensity of your competitors’ efforts

Overall, gamming the search engine to get ranked for a particular keyword no longer works. Many measures to detect and de-rank any offending site have been put in place by search engines, notably Google’s recent Panda and Penguin updates.


Frequency and quality of Content

Google and other search engines value the content their users get access to through them. If the articles on your site are unbiased, natural and includes keyword terms in moderation, well written and also have lots of backlinks pointing to them from different sources, your blog will quickly rank well on search engines as opposed to sites with poorly written articles that have no backlinks.

Spend a lot of time creating the articles you will post on your blog, it’s not important they are lengthy – the ideas you’re passing across are more important. Then gain backlinks through natural means, such as guest posting.


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    Alan, nice tips on basic SEO. You are right, comments can get you good backlinks… that’s why I am putting down a good comment here! 🙂

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