Best Electronic Cigarette Qualities

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electronic cigaretteThere are many reasons why smokers or vapers are using electronic cigarettes nowadays. There are different reasons why these vapers (smokers who transferred from cigarette smoking to using electronic cigarettes) favors using electronic cigarettes as an alternative to tobacco smoking. With the different claims of electronic cigarette brands, this new device is highly recommended for those who are chain or heavy smokers who wanted to have a little bit of a healthier version in smoking. This article list sall the Best Electronic Cigarette Qualities and the reason why you should choose electronic cigarettes rather than the traditional and regular cigarettes in the market.

1. Trash and pollution. There are many scientists that tell us that every puff we made with those traditional cigarettes we contribute to the estruction of the ozone layer in our earth thus creating a massive global warming in our planet. E-cigs contains no harmful chemicals such as carbon dioxide that ontributes to global warming. It doesn’t have any filthy ashes and dirty butts thus decreasing the pollution in our community. It won’t clog oursewage systems anymore with those butts, cartons and foils of the cigarettes and those packs that are individual and that paper that goes with it, add up the plastic that wraps around each cartoon.

2. In electronic cigarettes, it doesn’t contain any tobacco product.

3. Bad filthy odor. In electronic cigarettes, it doesn’t contain any odor. This only constitutes water vapor that is coming from the atomizer inside the cartridges. It has the same mechanism of action of a nebulizer thus giving you enough vapors, just like the regular cigarettes.

4. Cost effective. Electronic cigarettes are quite cheaper if you compare it with the regular or traditional cigarettes. One cartridge costs $10 dollars with the ability to pack up almost 5 packs of regular cigarettes in one cartridge. These cartridges are delivered straight to your doorstep, so imagine the costs you’re getting. You don’t need to travel a couple of miles just to buy a pack of cigarettes anymore. Just a few click of the buttons and there goes your cartridge, delivered straight to your doorstep.

5. Convenient. It is very convenient. Because of its harmless odor or vapor you could smoke this device almost anywhere and everywhere without looking for a smoking zone and without the need to go outside the mall just to take a puff.

6. No lighters. You don’t need lighters anymore. All you need to do is get it from your purse and take a puff. It is battery operated so no need to look for your lighter.

7. Health reasons. For health reasons, you could avoid absorbing all the 4,000 harmful chemicals that are present in just one stick of a cigarette. It doesn’t have second hand smoke that harms your friends and family.

8. Adjustable. The nicotine content and the flavors could be change and adjusted depending on your preferences.

9. Other benefits: skin looks lighter, no more cigarette burn holes, no smelly shirts, and a decrease in smoking expenses. These are just some best electronic cigarettes Qualities that you could get in electronic cigarettes.

At any cost Smoking is always injurious to health.


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