Best Plugins for Managing Multiple Users in WordPress

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As your blog grows, you may find that it is difficult for you to keep up with managing all that needs to be done. Hiring freelance writers and accepting guest posts can help you to get the content you need without having to devote additional time. However, managing multiple users on your blog opens up a whole new list of tasks to do.

Fortunately, there are many plugins available to help you manage the users on your blog more easily. Here are our picks for the best plugins for managing multiple users in WordPress: 

Advanced Author Bio

Include a short bio about the author at the end of each of your posts so your readers can know who wrote the post and learn a little more about the writer. You can include an author photos, links to social media icons, a link to the author’s website, and a link to other posts the author has written on your site. You can also use HTML formatting in the box, allowing you to embed links and customize it in other ways. 

Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar can help you make sure that no one writes a post about the same topic, and it can keep everyone on the same page to write content that compliments each other. An editorial calendar can also answer questions about when posts will be published so there is no confusion about the status of a post and so there won’t be any holes in your publishing schedule. 

Audit Trail

In order to get the best content, you are likely to want to edit your posts or to send them back for rewriting. This plugin allows you to monitor the changes that have been made in a post, as well as allowing your writer to see the changes that you have made. You can also use the plugin to restore a post if any data was lost.

Hide Dashboard 

Most writers that you work with will simply be contributors. They have no reason to be on the backend of your site other than to upload and edit their own content. This plugin allows you to hide the dashboard from those users so that they only see what is relevant to them.

Author Advertising Plugin

Many blogs operate on a revenue-sharing model. You can use this plugin to easily monitor the ad sales and clicks generated by each post to determine the distribution of ad revenue. You can even require that authors reach a certain level before they start qualifying for revenue sharing. 

There are many more plugins available for managing multiple users on your blog, depending on the goals you have for your site. These are just a few of the best that will meet your basic needs and help you make the job of managing multiple users a little more easy.
What plugins do you use to manage multiple users on your blog? Share your picks in the comments! 

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