Best Social Media Sharing WordPress Plugins You Can Use

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Social Media presence is a very crucial thing in blogging. Social Media has become a very big thing in day to day life for for all of us. The presence of social media is taken into consideration by search giants like Google while evaluating any blog. Hence it is very important to integrate social sharing options into your blog.

When it comes to WordPress we do have lots of options in social media plugins for WordPress. There are many plugins available for integrating social sharing buttons into your WordPress blog. But finding the perfect one is the most important thing and perhaps the difficult one as well. So here I have tried to list out some of the best Social Media WordPress Plugins that you can directly use on your blog.

Before proceeding I would like to mention here that I am not asking you to use all of these plugins on your blog, you can install the one which is most suitable for you. And I would strongly suggest you to download these plugins from WordPress official plugins repository only.

Best Social Media Plugins For WordPress

Here I am listing out the plugins but do not consider the rank of them according to their appearance in this list. All of them carries the same value and rank and it purely depends on your requirements to choose one of these.

Digg Digg

digg digg

This is one of the most popular social sharing WordPress plugin with more than 8 lakh downloading and counting more. This plugin adds a very nice floating bar with multiple sharing buttons to your blog. I can say this is an all-in-one social sharing plugin for your WordPress blog. This plugin has got great customization options, like choose a floating bar or sharing buttons at top or bottom of the post. You can select which all sharing buttons you want to display. This plugin also offers a lazy loading feature which ensures no compromise with the performance of your blog. You can download Digg Digg plugin here.

Jetpack Sharing

Jetpack is one of them which is widely used and this single plugin adds multiple features to your blog and one of them is adding social sharing buttons to your blog. If you are already using Jetpack then you can activate the sharing module and add the sharing buttons to your blog. If you are not using Jetpack then you can download it here. Check out the official support page for more details.


Flare is another social sharing plugin which is quite similar to the Digg Digg and it has the same features as Digg Digg have. You can download this plugin here.

Share Buttons By AddToAny

wordpress social sharing

This is a very special plugin because it has got a very nice feature which I like the most and that is it allows to add responsive sharing button which ensure the display will not break on any size device. This plugin has more than 100 sharing buttons, though you may not be using all but depending on your geographical targets it may be useful for you. You can get more detail here.

And this is not the end of the list. There are many plugins in the WP repository, but my favorites are Digg and Flare. What is yours? Let us know your choice in your comments.



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  1. With self hosted sites making its mark in the web slowly, such all rolled into one plugins such as Jet-pack makes it easy to strengthen online presence! There is more to discover. This is just the beginning.

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