How to Change Browser’s Default Search Engine

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Here is a complete guide for how to change browser’s default search engine, I will cover for all popular browsers. Before proceeding for that let me just tell you what is default search engine for a web browser. When you type anything in the URL space of a browser other than web address or url and hit enter it shows you search result either from Google or Bing or any other search engine, the website from where the results are displayed is the default search engine of your browser.

By default Mozilla and Google chrome uses Google as the default search engine but IE uses Bing as the default search engine. So lets see how can you change the default search engine of your web browser.

Changing the Default Search Engine in Firefox

1. Hit the drop down icon of your current default search engine on the left side of the search toolbar.  firefox-default search engine

2. Now you can see a list of providers, select the one you want to make as default search engine for Firefox. The change will take place instantly. 

If you want to add more search providers to the list or want to remove some providers you can click on Manage Search Engines and then:

1. Click the Get more search engines… link.

2. Browse or search for the provider you want to add. When you find it, click its +Add to Firefox button. 

Changing the Default Search Engine in Internet Explorer

1. Click the Tools icon in the top-right corner of Internet Explorer.

2. Select Manage Add-ons, you can see a new window.

3. Select Search providers from left side (Add-on types), then select the provider and click on Set as default button.

IE default search engine

 To add more search providers to your list follow the below steps:

1. Click the Find more search providers… link at the bottom, this will open the Internet Explorer Add-ons Gallery.

2. Click the Search link on this page, and type the name of the search engine you wish to add.

3. Click the result you want, and follow the instructions to add it.

Changing Default Search Engine in Chrome

1. Click the wrench icon on at the top right corner of your chrome browser and select Settings. or type chrome://settings/ in the address bar and hit enter.

2. You can see a search section, there you can select your search provider from the drop down list.

chrome default search engine

To add more search providers you can click on the Manage search engines and follow instructions.

Changing Default Search Engine in Safari

For setting a default search engine in Safari browser you can follow the instructions given in

If you are facing any problem in changing the default search engine in your browser you can ask us with your comments.


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