Check If A Website is Safe To Browse Before Browsing It

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Whatever system you use whether Windows, MAC, Linux or any other system chances of phishing is always there because it has nothing to do with the OS you use. There are chances that someone will send you an email with a link with intension to get your details like credit card details, password etc. which we generally call as the spam mails. Most of the email services are advanced enough to check this type of spam mails and send those mails to spam box. But some time we ignore these spam warnings and visit those links and end up with being cheated.

So you need to be always careful before browsing any site. If at all you need to visit any link that is there in your email then check the safety measure of the link before browsing it. Yes you can check the safety status of any website using Google Safe browsing before browsing the website. There are other services that offer similar functionality but I would strongly recommend using Google Safe Browsing, it is reliable and the best one.

How to use Google Safe Browsing to check if a website or link is safe to browse

Using Google Safe Browsing is really very easy. In the below URL replace the ‘link’ with the link or URL you want to check for safe browsing.

You can also enter the URL in the below box to check if the website is safe to browse. 

Google Safe browsing will show you the details of the website and the safety measure of it. It will show you if the website has hosted malware in the past 90 days. You can also check the safety measure of any IP address. Many plugins come for browsers which can check the safety measure of the website on the fly and block the access to it. Even your antivirus programs are also capable of checking the safety measure of the websites but sometimes these programs may not be able to check the safety measure. So it is always better to check it with Google Safe Browsing because Google crawls all the websites and check for malwares also. So stay safe and check before browsing any unknown link with Google Safe Browsing.


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