Chrome Extension to Send Automatic Birthday Wishes To Your Facebook Friends

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Though Facebook has a birthday reminder functionality which notifies you whenever your friend’s birthday reaches near, but still some times due to any reason we miss out wishing our friends and later we regret it. So here is a solution to the problem Chrome HappyBirthday extension which sends out birthday wishes automatically to your Facebook friends.  You can also set the birthday message as a standard template and the extension will post the message to your friend’s wall on their birthday by collecting from birthday information from your Facebook account.


HappyBirthday Extension has a brief list of predefined wishes phrases (you may access it from the Chrome Extensions menu or by clicking with your right mouse button on the taskbar icon and choosing "Options") HappyBirthday is configured by default to send wishes to friends which have born the same day the extension is loaded, but you may override this behavior setting how many days back you would like to greets your friends too. If a friend hasn’t been wished yet and his birthday has passed within the predefined range, HappyBirthday will also wish him (one time only, of course).




HappyBirthday automatically warn you when wishes have been sent with a taskbar notify on the people who have been wished and what was wished to them.





Note: This extension is open source and uses your Facebook account to collect birthday information, so use it at your own risk.


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2 Responses

  1. Sean Morgan says:

    Great. A New free FB web app that lets you pre-schedule happy birthday wall posts called birthdayFB. It is a completely free app. Your posts will be automatically posted to your friends’ walls at a random time on the morning of their birthday without them ever knowing that it was pre-arranged. Also your friend would not know that you used this birthdayFB app to post your messages unless you tell them. It can prove to be very useful for the facebook users.
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    Thank you.

  2. Gokul says:

    Hi, you can wish your facebook friend’s birthday automatically by using the application .which takes your friends list and send it as send by you in his/her wall. FEEL the feature of sending different birthday messages to each friends.

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