Comparison of Different Website Hosting Providers

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Website hosting providers offer similar basic functions intended to serve your website to the internet. However, the key features and their mode of execution may vary greatly. Below is a comparison of a few website builders.

Wix Vs. Weebly website builders

Wix and weebly are both very popular and have registered users from all over the world. They are both good but they differ in a few features. For instance, when using wix, you are not allowed to change your template, which is a great drawback since they have beautiful templates. On the other hand, weebly allows users to change their templates when they want to without losing any data and information. In addition, they offer the user a chance to edit their codes. This exposes them to numerous design possibilities. However, wix has better design as compared to weebly and you might have to work harder on weebly before getting what you want.

Weebly Vs. WordPress

Weebly is an easy to use website builder that has a drag and drop feature. This feature allows you to drag website building elements to your website thus, you get your website quickly and easily. These elements include; buttons, contact forms, pictures, maps and paragraphs among other basic website building elements. On the other hand, wordpress features different website programmers and designers who offer site services and build tools like plugins for all wordpress users. It is quite easy to find experts and their support team is always ready to assist. However, as compared to weebly, wordpress is very difficult to use.

Wix Vs. Squarespace

Wix and squarespace may look similar on the surface but they differ a lot in different features. Squarespace templates are responsive to tablets and mobile phones, they are beautifully designed and can be changed at any time without losing any information. Wix offers over 280 professional templates to choose from. However, unlike squarespace, you cannot change a template without having to redo your website and it is not mobile responsive. Moreover, squarespace offers 24/7 support services and they always reply support emails within an hour. Wix offers customer support through support center and forums. They do not offer direct emails, live chat or phone calls.

Wix Vs. WordPress

Wix features well tested and controlled tools to ensure that quality is maintained. Most of the tools on wordpress are build by inexperienced developers and are not tested either. Therefore, they may affect the performance of your website negatively since poorly built plugins cause site conflict, slow down a website or worse still, can crash your website. Additionally, wix can be used by all user levels including beginners to build websites. They have an easy drag and drop feature. However, wordpress requires the user to spend a substantial amount of time learning how to build a website.

1&1 Vs. Bluehost

It is east to learn how to make your own website with 1&1. This is because, 1&1 offers a click and build feature that allows the user to create a website just by clicking on their essential applications and tools. The applications allow the user to create and enhance their website without spending much time and effort. Bluehost on the other hand allows the user to add website components that may not be on their web creation tools category. These components may include; image galleries, blogs and message boards.

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Selecting the right web hosting service provider give your business or blog a competitive edge on the internet. Therefore, always go for a web hosting service provider who caters for your specific business or blog requirements.


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