How is Conversion to a VoIP Service A Better Option

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The thought of transferring over to a VoIP telecom system can be daunting. You may already have an established PBX system that your business uses. You may think it will be a hassle to transfer everything to a new service, incur operational interruptions, and have to make changes. You should be relieved to know that none of these concerns are a reality when switching to a VoIP telecom system.

Virtual Internet-based business phone line installation is quite an easy and streamlined process. After you choose which service provider you want to go with all you will need is a broadband internet connection. The service provider will establish your account according to you needs. All that is required of you is to hook up the phone you want to use and you are ready to go. There is no hard wiring of lines, no disruption to service, and no need to change or alter contact information. The phone number that your customers have called for years can be transferred to your new service in a matter of seconds.

Retain your Favorite Features

When you switch to a virtual-based business phone line from a traditional phone service provider you can keep all of the features that you enjoy and utilize for your business. This includes
•    Called ID
•    Call forward
•    Three way calling and conference calling
•    Number block
•    Long distance and international calling
•    Hold and mute functions

The best part is that you get access to new features. Now faxes can be sent using the same phone lines as your voice calls. You can hook up your own fax machine to the network, or have faxes delivered right into an e mail box. There is no need to print faxes and they can be digitally filed right on your computer.

Your traditional call functions are also enhanced. Take voice mail for instance. If you are unable to take a call the caller can leave you a message that goes to an assigned voice mail box. These messages can be accessed from your work station phone, a mobile device, or even transcribed into text form. If a client leaves an important message while you are away from the office, it is possible to access it from anywhere in the world immediately. This will avoid delays in business and possible even improve client relations. Having the ability to access your messages anywhere will prevent extra time spent in the office returning multiple calls.

If you or your employees work out in the field and use cellular phones, those can be linked into the same system. If a client calls the office and the recipient is not there, the call can be automatically forwarded to their mobile device. This is great for emergency situations.

Easy Administration Controls

As a business owner you may be responsible for the control of your business phone line installation and operation. Another option is to have a designated representative or department within your company handle this. Whichever option you choose, administration is easy. The entire network can be operated and managed through a computer or even remotely through a wi-fi connection.

The Service Grows With your Company

When and if it comes time to install more extensions to your business phone lines, all that is needed is a call to your service provider. They can add in as many extensions as you need and assign each one its own direct contact number. Callers can reach the extension by being transferred from the main line or by direct dialing. When your employees call out only the main number will appear on caller ID. This helps protecting private extensions and avoids the clients’ confusion when seeing multiple numbers associated with your business.

You can set up the call directory however you see fit and have different tiers like so

•    Main line
      *    Prompts for each department
                * Directory for each department
                      •    Individual extensions

Enhance Perception of your Business

If you run a small company or even home-based business you don’t necessarily want to be perceived of as ‘small’. A client can make a few judgments about your business just by calling. If a client calls and the call is answered by a recording announcing the business name and other information, it can appear professional. Even if you are a one-man office, this appears like there are resources invested in this company, which translates into an enhanced image.

On the other hand, you might run a business where it is not conducive for you to always take calls. Perhaps you are an artist or entertainment professional. You want a professional perception of what you do, but not always the need to accept calls. You can set up your system so all calls are answered by the automated service and sent direct to a voice messaging system.



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