Convert Images Into ASCII Text Images

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ASCII images are very popular on the social networking sites and I am sure you must have seen one somewhere. But have you ever thought how those ASCII images are created? Here I am sharing some information to create ASCII image of any photograph. Using these methods you can create both color and black & white ASCII images.


How to create ASCII image

Here I am sharing two tools that you can use to create ASCII image of any given image. Creating ASCII image with these tools is very easy. The first method is using a tool on your desktop and the second method uses an online service to create ASCII image.


ASCGEN Desktop tool to create ASCII image

ASCGEN is a small utility application that converts your images into high quality colored or black and white text images. You can save the output file either as plain text or as HTML web pages.


ASCGEN given you lots of control over the output text so that you can change the dimensions, flip vertically or horizontally, increase the brightness or decrease the brightness and you can also adjust the contrast of the output ASCII image.


ASCIIFI online tool to create ASCII images

ASCIIFI is an online web based application that can easily convert any image to ASCII image. There are dozens of online tools to convert any image to ASCII image but the specialty of ASCIIFI is that it converts the image to an ASCII image in no time, the moment you select the image it is immediately converted to an ASCII image. ASCIIFI is the fastest online ASCII image converter as the image is not uploaded to the server rather the whole process is done within your browser. The only problem here is that it does not convert into color formats.



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