Create Android and iPhone app without doing any coding

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Are you a developer or do you own a blog or website and you want to create your own iPhone or Android app? You do not have coding experience in application development. No need to worry, now you can create your iPhone or android application without having any coding experience. Are you thinking how that is possible? Yes it is possible with BuzzTouch application creator. However having experience in coding is always a great advantage.


So let’s discuss how you can create your iPhone/Android application without having any coding experience. I have created my android application on BuzzTouch platform. BuzzTouch is a web application where you can create your iPhone/Android application online with a web browser.


Requirements for Android development:


1. An account with BuzzTouch. (You can register for a free account)

 For creating a free account with BuzzTouch click the link: BuzzTouch


2. Android SDK

Android SDK is required for the compilation and development of Android application. Please follow the instruction given in the android developer network to install the Android SDK. Downloading and installing the SDK takes some time. So have patience and install it properly.


3. Eclipse IDE with ADT plugin.

 Eclipse is the most widely used IDE for Java, Android development. You can download and install Eclipse from the below link: “Download Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers”.


Installing ADT Plugin for Eclipse:

Follow the instruction given in the android developer network to install ADT plugin.


Requirements for iPhone app development:

1. An account with BuzzTouch. (You can register for a free account)

For creating a free account with BuzzTouch click the link: BuzzTouch

2. A MAC book. You need a MAC book or desktop to develop the iPhone application.

3. You need the XCODE IDE for iPhone app development and compilation. The instruction for using the XCODE can be   found on Apple Developer network


Steps to create Android/iPhone application:


1. First you need to complete all the requirements given above.

2. Create a draft layout of your android/iPhone application that will contain your screens, menus, custom html, images and whatever you are planning to have in your application. I have used some images and YouTube video for my Test application.

3. Now login to your BuzzTouch account. After successful login it will redirect you to your control panel as shown below:


buzztouch Control Panel

4. Now you need to create your First application, click on the “create new app” tab and follow the instruction given on the screen and give your app a name and submit it.

5. Now click on the “my app” tab to see your created apps list. Click on the application that you have just created.


My App


Now you can see a control panel as shown below:


manage buzztouch app


Click on the “change this app’s icon” and follow the instruction to add your own icon.

Click on “change this app’s image” to change the image (background) image of your application.

Click on the “change this app’s info screen” to describe your application through an info screen.

6. Finally it’s time to create your application’s screens, menus and features. Click on the “Manage this app’s menus and screens” link to add menus, screens to your application. You can add custom html, Video, Web URL, images, mp3, RSS and many more to your application. You can find clear instruction provided there in the site.

7. After finishing the menus and screen option go to the app controller and click on the “Download source code for this app”. This will generate the source code and you can download the source code for both the Android and iPhone app as shown below:


App Source-Code Download


8. After downloading the application to your local computer unzip it and you can see a README.txt file, please read the file carefully and compile the source code with the eclipse IDE for Android or XCODE for iPhone.

9. After the compilation you can run your android application from eclipse using the emulator. Just right click on the project and click on “Run as android application”. See the below image how does my Test application look like:


Home Screen:




Image Screen:




RSS Screen:




This is a best way to create your android or iPhone apps without having coding experience. But people who are having some experience in coding, it can be a base line for them and they can extend their app after installing into eclipse. You can play around the code and can change them to customize it more. Creating mobile application has never been so easy like this.


+Ayodhyanath Guru holds a B.Tech degree in Electrical Engineering and has worked with various prestigious clients in the IT industry and presently working as a Software Engineer. He is a part time blogger and presently authors the Jafaloo.Com blog. Being a tech enthusiast Guru likes to surf the web and blogs about interesting technical topics like How-To guides, freewares, Tutorials, Software, Gadgets, web applications etc. Apart from blogging he likes coding in Java/J2EE and PHP.

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  1. imping says:

    Thanks for the post…I have read out your post..This is full of information…I want to say thanks for sharing the such type of valuable information……
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  2. Now it’s not tough to develop iphone apps without programming skills as quite enough sites offer not only templates for your future apps but as well do-it-yourself platforms allowing you to create complex apps from scratch and spending too little time. One of such services is snappii.Their WYSIWYG editor is a tool everyone will find easy to use.

  3. AndromoDarryl says:

    As one of the people involved in Andromo’s creation, I just wanted to add it to the list of options for creating native Android apps without programming:

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