Creating Your Own eBook From WikiPedia Articles

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WikiPedia has been offering PDF Export functionality on their website for quite a long time but now they have come up with more effective and best functionality and that is creating your own eBooks from any Wikipedia articles or selected articles and you can export this eBook in EPUB format. We know that Epub format is more reader friendly than the PDF format on mobile devices, cell phones and tablets to read offline. Here is a brief details on how to create your own EPUB format eBooks from Wikipedia articles.


How To Create eBook From WikiPedia Articles


It will take less than a minute (depending on number of articles selected) to create your eBook from the selected Wikipedia articles of your choice. Here is a quick guide that will take you through the complete process.


Step 1: First of all enable the Book Creator functionality on WikiPedia. You can do so by following this link: Enable Book Creator on WikiPedia or by enabling the feature from the left hand side menu options under the Print/Export option as shown below: (Make sure you click on Start Book creator button marked in green color after this.)

Wikipedia Enable Book Creator

Wikipedia - Start Book Creator 




Note: You can also enable this feature while browsing any WikiPedia article.


Step 2: After the book creator has been enabled, every wiki pages will show a box as shown below, which has the option of adding the article to your eBook.

Book creator - Wikipedia

Step 3: Now you can browse through wikipedia articles and can add your favorite article to the book. You can add any number of article you wish.


Step 4: You can also add any linked article to your book without opening the link, just hover the link and you will get an option to add that linked article to your book. Check out the below screenshot for better understanding.


Wikipedia eBook Creator

Hover over a link to add that linked page to your eBook


Step 5: Once you are done with selecting your favorite articles, click on the Show Book link and give your eBook a title and subtitle (Optional) then download it in the EPUB format.

Note: You can also download your eBook in PDF, OpenDocument and OpenZIM format,but for us most suitable is EPUB format.


You can use any eBook reader on your android enabled devices to read the book or if you have iPad or iPhone you can use iBook application to read this book. I would recommend the free Aldiko Book Reader application for android devices to read these eBooks.


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