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On September 15, 2013
Last modified:December 14, 2016


Elegant themes are most affordable and reliable WordPress themes available in the market. Now you can download all 87 themes only for $69. Take the chance and give your blog a beautiful look.

Elegant themes are perhaps the most affordable WordPress themes available in the market up to my knowledge. Elegant themes are one of the most reputed and cheapest WordPress theme club out there in the market. They do have many free WordPress themes as well. Here I am going to give you a quick review of Elegant Themes and how you can download 86 Elegant themes for just $39 which is only $0.48 per theme.

Reasons To Join Elegant Theme Club

The biggest reason I can tell you is its cheap (You can download 87 themes just for $69), affordable and reliable. Where as most of the theme maker charge between $30 – $70 for a single theme, Elegant theme club charge you only $39 for all 87 themes. Apart from these I have several other reasons that I am going to mention here.

Variety Of New Themes

If you are joining the Elegant Theme Club you are getting a variety of theme choices which suits to different niches. Lots of new themes are also added every month.

Elegant Theme Features (Overview)

  1. EPanel : This is the theme option panel where you can change different aspects of the theme. You can add custom logo and you can select where the logo should be added, option to change color schemes etc. So all together you are getting a good style theme at the end.
  2. Colorization : When it comes to colorization you have got lot of options to customize colors. The easy color selector makes it more easier to select colors.
  3. Integration : You can add third party scripts or any codes through this feature.
  4. Inbuilt SEO : Though the themes have got inbuilt SEO feature, still there is space for the use of external SEO plugin.
  5. Ad Management : This feature allows you to manage your ads or integrate adsense into your theme. You can quickly integrate with any type of ads like adsense.

Apart from the above mentioned features you get lot of other features as well. One important thing is, you get a very good support, which ensures that your theme is always up to date and works perfect with all browsers.

Conclusion : Elegant themes are most affordable and reliable WordPress themes available in the market. They do offer premium WordPress themes as low as $0.48


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