Free Aomei Partition Assistant Standard – Product Review

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Managing disk partitions on Windows system is a crucial process and needs to be handled with care. Any wrong actions could leads to system inaccessibility or permanent data loss. Windows inbuilt Disk Management utility is used to perform basic functions such as shrinking or extending any desired hard drive partitions. It can also be used to format or delete partitions that are no longer needed. However, you need to be a pros or advanced PC user to fix things if something going out of control.

To make the process easier and let even basic user perform the needed disk operation without any fear, manufacturers across the globe has developed indigenous utility that can be used to perform all those operation within a matter of time. Free AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is a popular program that is available for over years to help users resize, split, merge or copy desired hard drive partitions. No matter if the targeted partition is of MBR or GPT, this tool will work on those disks too and helps you remove various partition related problems.



Want to resize or extend partition capacity without losing your data or restarting your PC? Try this extremely simple and easy to use utility to customize/modify existing partition size to remove low disk space problems, extend partition size to save more data or simply delete partition with lots of free space.


Steps are mentioned at the software help guide and online tutorial to get this started. The best part is, you can do this all without restarting your PC.


As the name suggest, you’ll be able to merge or combine two or more adjacent partitions into one. This is specially helpful when you can’t move or store any more data from one partition whereas, another partition is having enough space. Keep in mind that there is also a limit of number of partitions you can have on one PC and you might need this utility to combine multiple partitions into one. The same theory applies when you chose to split one large partition into two fresh volume that you can use separately.



Create, Delete, Format

You’ve no longer needed to manually create a fresh partition, delete an existing one or simply want to format the entire partitions. This Free Partition Manager makes you feel happy by providing bunch of disk management options at one place such as create partition, delete unnecessary volumes or format the hard disk partition that is no longer needed etc.

create partition


Migrate, replace disk or clone partition

Many people switching their long stand way of data storage by removing traditional hard drive and use SSD instead, which ultimately provides fast startup, quick data access and comparatively lower failure rates. What if you can switch your hard drive with modern SSD without any installation??

AOMEI Partition Assistant standard will copy/clone OS to SSD and make it up as well as running even without losing a single file. This tool will also help you in copying the entire disk or clone any particular partition.

Aomei also introduced another powerful backup program entitled Free Aomei Backupper Standard which is a free backup software to help you take backup of all your important files automatically or whenever needed. This tool supports automatic, incremental and differential backup of your important files along with a complete image to keep Windows and installed Apps safe.


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  1. verachen says:

    Yes, it is very good. Also you can use its extend partition wizard to extend your system partition like this: Thanks for your share about this software, I like it very much, because it helps me solve many disk and partition problems.

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