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DropboxDropbox is a very popular web based file hosting service operated by Dropbox Inc. Dropbox is a cloud based service, it uses cloud computing to allow users to store as well as share files with others over internet. Dropbox allows you to access your files any where in the world, that means you can carry your files and documents with you always without carrying your laptop as you can access your Dropbox with a normal web browser.


There is both free and paid service available for Dropbox. Dropbox has different versions of clients available including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Apart from PC versions of client Dropbox has client for mobile platform also including Android, Windows 7, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry. There is also a web based client available to access your files if you do not have the Dropbox client installed.


If you are using free service from Dropbox then you will have only 2GB of storage space. But if you refer some one and they register then you may gain up to 8GB free storage space.


Technology Used in Dropbox


Both the Server and Desktop client are written primarily in Python from scratch and do not use any third party software. By using the Dropbox client you can upload or synced any of your PC files to Dropbox server. Dropbox also maintains a version history up to 30 days. Dropbox uses Amazon’s S3 storage system to store files. It uses SSL protocol to transfer files and uses AES-256 to encrypt the files.


Dropbox Features


  1. File Sync: File synchronization is the main feature of Dropbox. It automatically syncs new files whenever they are detected.
  2. File Sharing: Use can share files with other users if they want. The file sharing feature allows the user full control.
  3. Online Backup: Dropbox allows online backups for any files in the Dropbox account. It provides a undelete options for any files and folder and can be restored.
  4. Security: The security of Dropbox is very high and every care has been taken to make it highly secured.
  5. Access from mobile devices: Dropbox allows mobile access from platform like Android, iPhone, iPad etc.
  6. Use Add-Ons: Users can use 3rd party add-ons with Dropbox to get extra features out of Dropbox.


So if you have not created a Dropbox account create it today and get all the benefits of Dropbox to make your self free from losing data. Sign up for Dropbox here.


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