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Vector graphics have some advantages over bitmap graphics. The most important one of them being that vector graphics can be rescaled to fit any size you want. You can scale down a vector graphic to very small sizes to serve as a small icon on a visiting card or to very large sizes to fit a large billboard. And it won’t pixelate. Anybody who has tried to increase the size of a bitmap image would know it becomes blurred in doing so. The reason is that bitmap pictures consist of small square shaped dots of different colors that combine to produce the complete picture. These dots are what are more commonly known as pixels. When you increase the size of an image too much, these pixels begin to show themselves. On the other hand vectors do not use pixels. Instead they use lines and curves which are defined by mathematical equations. No it doesn’t mean you need to be a mathematician to work with vectors, as all the mathematics is done by the software behind the scenes. It just means the software will take care of all the image re-sizing for you. Now many websites exist today which offer a library of vector graphics. Out of them we recommend you try Vectors Land. Vectors Land, as the name suggests, is the land of vector graphics. They have a large collection of vector based images varying from many different kinds of backgrounds. And the point which makes them the most attractive is that they are free. You can download free vectors from them, as many as you want, without ever needing to enter your credit card details. So you have animal vectors to vectors which can be used for backgrounds, from fashion based vector graphics to flowers, from swirl vector to buildings, from human vectors to military based images, and so on and so forth.

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VectorsLand – The website hosts a clear and clean interface

You can enter the keyword for which you want to search the relevant images in the search bar and the system will return the required query. I entered the keyword “Christmas” and received the following page as result. Actually the complete page was too big to fit here so this is just a small part of the page. vectorsland But as you can still see, the results are satisfactory and consist of many different styles and formats. One is a deer silhouette with a setting sun in the background across the red sky. This should appeal to those who are nature lovers. Then we have a simple gift box wrapped in a red ribbon. People who like a minimalist design will find this useful. Or if you are religious then the results also contain an image with Jesus Christ, a cross and praying hands. My point is that you will almost always get whatever you want on Vectors Land. Go and check it out and then let me know what you think in the comments below.


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