Google Page Rank FAQ – Answers to Your Questions

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I have come across so many situations where people ask too many questions about Google PageRank or simply PageRank like what is page rank, why page rank is important, how long does it take to get a Google Page Rank etc. Here in this article I will try my level best to put all the questions and answers about the Page Rank, so that this can be used as an unofficial FAQ to Google Page Rank. 


Google PageRank FAQ


Q. What is PageRank or Google PageRank?

A. PageRank used by Google is a measure of the importance of a web page over internet. PageRank is a numerical number and ranges from 0 – 10, 0 being the weakest PageRank and 10 being the strongest PageRank. So the higher the number the stronger is the PageRank.

Q. Is PageRank determined for the entire site or every individual page?

A. PageRank is determined for each and every individual page on your website, so each individual link of your site may have a different PageRank. But as the website’s home page or the main URL of a website has have more chances of getting higher PageRank than any other page as the home page will have most site linking to it. But in some cases a page may have more PageRank than the home page if the page is more informative and highly viewed.

Q. How is PageRank determined?

A. PageRank is determined based on the quality of the inbound backlinks (do follow links only) to your website. Here quality means the website from where you have got a backlink should be related to your website, meaning the content on both the websites should be of same type. A backlink from a property related site to a technology site cannot be treated as a quality backlink. The calculation of the PageRank is also dependent on the PR of the website from where your website gets a backlink.

Q. Is all the backlinks important to determine PageRank?

A. No, all the backlinks are not taken into consideration for calculating the PageRank. The links of type nofollow (anchor tag having rel=”nofollow”) are not taken into consideration for calculating PageRank. Google does not include nofollow type of links while calculating PageRank.

Q. How long does it take to get a Google PageRank?

A. New web page do not get a PageRank right away; it takes a quite a while to get a PageRank. It almost takes 2-3 months to assign a PageRank to a webpage. Pages might have PageRank internally but they don’t get reflected. Google updates the PageRank in every few months.

Q. Does PageRank affect web traffic?

A. Yes, PageRank highly affect the web traffic. Most of the visitors to a website or blog come from search engine like Google and Google give more importance to the web pages having higher PR while showing the search results. So web pages having higher PR will be shown at the top and thus will get more traffic.

Q. I have shifted my domain to a new domain name, will it affect my PageRank?

A. Yes, if you are shifting your old domain name to a new domain name then your PageRank will be affected. However if you do not want your PR to be affected you can use a 301 permanent URL redirection from your old domain to the new domain. This will make sure that the PR for the old pages will be transferred to the new domain.

Q. Can the PageRank be manipulated?

A. No, no because you cannot directly manipulate the PageRank but indirectly it can be done. PageRank is an algorithm to calculate based on some logics and some conditions, so some of the SEO firms, after proper studies are able to manipulate PR by linking websites.

Q. Does the number of outbound links from my webpage improve my PageRank?

A. No, outbound backlinks do not help in improving your PageRank but it may be the cause for decreasing your PageRank if there are lots of outbound backlinks which are non-quality back links.

Q. Does increasing the content of a page change the PageRank?

A. No, adding fresh and more content to a web page does not directly affect the Google PageRank. PageRank entirely depends on the number of quality inbound back links.

Q. How can I find PageRank?

A. You can find the PageRank of any web page by using Google Tool Bar. This is an official extension from Google for the browsers which shows the PageRank of any web page.


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