5 Clever Hacks to Improve User Engagement on WordPress

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Improve User Engagement on Your Blog

User Engagement and User Experience of a website are one of the most determining factors of a successful web business. It doesn’t matter what type of WordPress site you are launching, just make sure that you give your potential web audience a relevant reason to stay connected with you. Although WordPress offers a ton of stunning themes and plugins that can help you create a visually appealing site, you need to put some efforts for better results.

The art of engaging web users isn’t easy, especially for those who have just stepped into this industry. There are manifolds of factors that can affect the conversion rate of your site. So, if you want to engage your visitors for longer, think out-of-the-box strategies and boost the sales of your WordPress site. Apart from creating quality and valuable content, make sure you give rich user experience to your web visitors whenever they visit your site.

Here in this blog post, we will share the five most influential hacks that will improve the user engagement on your WordPress site. With the help of following tricks, you can drive a good amount of web traffic towards your site.

1. Loading Speed of a Website

Improve User Engagement

Nobody (web users) wants to visit a website that takes longer to load a webpage. A web visitor usually abandons a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load a web page. This means speed plays a vital role in determining the user engagement on a WordPress site. An improved conversion rate is also directly related to the fast loading site’s speed. So, consider the following tips to improve the speed of your site:

a. Choose Clean and Simple Theme

It is always good to pick a simple, lightweight and minimalistic WordPress theme – this improves the loading speed of a web page and renders rich user experience.

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b. Optimize your Database

You can improve your site’s speed by optimizing your WordPress database. Use a WordPress plugin, WP-Optimize for this work. The plugin will help you optimize the different elements such as post revisions, tables, etc to minimize the loading speed.

c. Image Optimization

Use WP-Smushit plugin to optimize the file sizes of your images. The plugin will automatically resize large images when you upload them on your site.

d. Use Cache Plugin

Improve the page load time of your WordPress site by installing a WordPress cache plugin such as W3 Total Cache that increases the site’s performance, reduces loading speed time to give rich user experience to targeted web visitors.

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2. Create and Publish Fresh Content

Improve User Engagement

You can’t think of a success web business without an effective content marketing campaign. And for that, you need to create unique, quality and informative content – be it articles, blog posts, product descriptions, etc for your site. This creates curiosity among web visitors to read your content and also recommend your site to their friends if they genuinely like it.

Once you are done with content creation, you can put all your efforts in a productive content marketing strategy. You can promote your content across web platforms and social media websites for improved user engagement. The following tips will help you make your content more visible across the web:

  • Ensure your content is created for your targeted web audience.
  • Find your niche of communities to boost your brand awareness.
  • Share your content on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Use an effective email marketing campaign by adding links to your blog posts in your newsletter.

Tip: Make sure your content is optimized for search engine platforms. This can take your content marketing efforts to the next level. Search engine optimized content quickly get indexed by Google and other search engines.

3. Simplify Your Commenting Process

Although commenting is an essential part of a website, many site owners leave their comment box in the irrelevant places. If you want to boost the user engagement on your WordPress site, you need to simply your commenting process. Allow your visitors to leave comments regarding your site or blog post, without any obstacles.

Keep the commenting process simple and intuitive by seeking the following steps:

  • Don’t use complicated CAPTCHAs.
  • Ask them to leave their comments (make sure the comment is genuine).
  • Display Top Comments/Commenters to encourage customers to leave a comment.
  • Always respond to their comments. Just be in touch with them.

4. Create Visually Appealing Blog Posts

While creating a blog post, make sure that you add beautiful and relevant images to make it look more appealing. If you want your visitors to read your entire blog post, then add images within your content. This will enhance the accessibility and readability of your site and lets you drive more web traffic.

Check out the following tips to make your blog posts visually appealing:

  • Add a good featured image to make your blog post more engaging and imploring.
  • Break up your blog post and add high quality and relevant images within it. You can decide the number of images that you want to add as per the length of your content.
  • Showcase your informative blog post in visual formats to let your readers get the message in a much simpler way. Create beautiful and appealing infographics for engaging more web visitors.

5. Integrate Social Sharing Buttons

Social Sharing Buttons

You should integrate social sharing buttons into your WordPress site to improve user engagement. Of course, creating quality content is crucial, but you need make it shareable on social media platforms for better visibility and higher conversions.

Fortunately, WordPress offers a ton of plugins that can help you add popular social sharing buttons on your blog posts or pages. This strategy will help you drive more social traffic to your site, without any heavy lifting.

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In this post, we have covered the top five ways that will help you boost user engagement on your WordPress site. You can try these tips and improve the visibility and usability of your site for better results. If you have any other tip related to this, then share it in the comments below.

Guest Author Bio:
Tracey Jones is a web enthusiast and has been associated with an HTML to WordPress Company as a front-end developer. She is also a passionate blogger who loves writing informative articles on WordPress, themes, plugins, design & development. Follow her on Twitter.


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