Hotmail: Use One Time Password for a Safe login to Your account on Public Computers

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When you are using your email on public computers you should be very careful while providing your account passwords as the possibilities of being hacked is more. But whatever care you take there is no 100% guarantee that your password will not be hacked. But if you are a Hotmail user you can use one time password to sign into your account. This procedure is very safe and secure as the password you use will be valid only once and can’t be used second time.


How do you use one time password with Hotmail?

  1. Go to Hotmail sign in page  
  2. Then on the sign in panel click on the “Get  a single use code to sign in with
  3. Then click on the “Get one here
  4. Now enter your Hotmail id in the id text field then select the country from the drop down, enter your phone number that you have registered with the Hotmail account. Now clink on the “send text message” button. 
hotmail one time password
        5. You will get your one time password on your mobile phone and you can use the same code as your password to login to your hot mail account.


Now you can say Gmail also has the one time password feature then what is new in Hotmail? Ok let me tell how the one time password feature in Hotmail is different than Gmail’s one. To use one time password feature in Gmail you have to explicitly enable this feature in your account and not only that once you enable one time password every time you need one time password to login to your account and you cannot login to your Gmail account if your phone is lost and until you get the number again. But where as in Hotmail one time password is on demand feature and whenever you need you use it and whenever you want to use your password you use it and no need to enable it, you just need to register your mobile number with your Hotmail account. I think Gmail should also use it the same way Hotmail uses it. 

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