How Can I Edit PDF?

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Here the question is “How can I edit PDF?” The answer is very simple use Adobe Acrobat editor to edit PDF files. But this is not a free tool and not everyone can afford to have this tool for personal use. So there must be some other free way of editing PDF files.

Different ways for editing a PDF file and its contents are there. So here I am going to explain some of the easy and free ways of editing a PDF so that your question how can I edit PDF would be resolved. So lets get started with different ways of editing process.


Edit PDF Files with Free Tools 

There are instances where you need to make some minor changes to your PDF file contents. Sometimes you may need to remove some content or need to add some content to a PDF file. So here is an online tool that provides you all the option to edit the PDF file. PDFEscape is the online tool that you can use to perform some basic PDF editing operations. The advantage is that this tool is free and you need not install any application on your system. You can use your internet browser and do your job.

How Can I Edit PDF


With PDFEscape you can do all those basic editing very easily. One more advantage is that you can even edit password protected PDF document in the web browser. (Off course you need to know the password).

With the whiteout option you can hide any text and write anything else on op of that. You can insert images, draw with free hand curve, insert links, insert form elements, highlight any text etc. After making changes you can download the file to your local disk.


Direct Text Editing


If you want to directly edit the text of the PDF file then you may consider converting the PDF to a word document or an excel file depending on the content and then edit the file using MS Word or Google Docs and save that as a PDF file using any PDF writer.

For converting the PDF document into a word document you can use the free PDF to Word converter.


Edit Using Inkspace


We have Inkscape, a free vector drawing tool (like Adobe Illustrator) that can import and export PDF content.

With Inkscape, you can select any object on a PDF page (including text, graphics, etc.) and remove them permanently from the PDF file or move them to a different location. You can also annotate PDF files with Inkscape or draw freehand drawings on a page using the built-in pencil tool. So these are the ways to edit PDF files easily. 

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2 Responses

  1. Jasmine says:

    Good tips on editing PDF files.  Inkscape looks especially good!

  2. JasminBarby says:

    I am currently using desktop tool to do the PDF editing jobs as I always have a lot of those work. I tried Acrobat Pro and also Nitro, but finally made the decision and chose the PDFelement which is much more cost effective and easy to use.

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