How Does Mobile Spy Software Work In Smart phones

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mobile spyMonitoring cell phones has become a big use of spy software today all around the world. Vigilant employers, protective parents, and even suspicious spouses are major users of such mobile spy software. There are plenty of options available in the market as far as mobile monitoring software goes and one of the most popular products is Mobile Spy.


What Is Mobile Spy?


Mobile Spy comes from the Retina-X Studios which has earned a presence for itself in the mobile spy software industry. Since its inception in 1997, the company has launched products like AceSpy. The company and its products have earned strongly positive reviews in various leading magazines as well. Retina – X is based in Florida, USA.

Mobile Spy is a great example of stealth mobile monitoring software that helps in many ways. With the installation and operation of this software, one can monitor voice calls, text messages, internet usage, physical location of the phone, monitor video calls and even activity on social media.


How Does Mobile Spy Work?


Mobile Spy stands out in the market because of its comprehensiveness. This software packs in an immense amount of features and can meet almost all your requirements of needing to keep track of the phone’s usage. The software can be purchased by accessing the website of the company and then downloaded on the mobile phone directly. It is a small program that runs completely in stealth mode, and does not show up on the phone’s interface. It operates continuously in the background and transmits all data to online accounts.

This recorded data can be looked at by accessing the same through an online control panel from any device like computers and smart phones. You will need an internet connection and then you will have access to all the phone’s logs. Once it has been installed, the software will help in many ways.


Phone Calls, Texts, Video Calls


Mobile Spy can help in the monitoring of all phone calls being made to and from the cell phone. Similarly, text messages that have been sent and received can also be monitored through the use of this software. The software also allows you to see activity related to photos and videos on the phone. For instance, you can protect a child from posting compromising videos or even images of themselves on social networking or internet sites.


Internet Usage


Mobile Spy also works to monitor web activity. It will log all the information of the different websites that the phone’s user may be visiting. All the internet activity on the phone can be viewed at any time by accessing the online account connected to Mobile Spy. For instance, employers can check if employees are using the cell phone to browse the internet when they are supposed to be working.


Physical Location


Tracking the location of the phone, and by extension of the user, is possible with the GPS capabilities of Mobile Spy. All such locations are sent to your online account, and you can keep track of where the user has been.

Mobile Spy, thus, is a powerful asset to have in terms of mobile monitoring and can be downloaded and installed onto all the leading smartphones.

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    Mobile spy software amazingly works for us, I think it is necessary for us to monitor
    activities of our kids who are addicted of smart phone. I have secretly
    installed “Zeal-Spy” on android phone of my kid and now am secretly track his all activities. If anyone wants this app then simply go to and enjoy its wonderful features.

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