How Online Communications Can Save a Business Money

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In today’s tough economic times, getting the most for your money is vital to your bottom line. In that light, more and more companies are turning towards cutting their cost, but not their service when it comes to the phone system. Online communications through the internet is saving businesses hundreds to thousands of dollars each year, yet providing the same basic services with even better features than can be found with traditional phone companies.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provides the multiple lines, fax and voice communication services of traditional phone companies, but avoids the negatives of using standard phone lines in favor of the more reliable and less costly internet system. In fact, for many small business especially those that are just starting up, business VoIP is proving to be a real cost saver when it comes to installation and monthly phone service.


What are the Advantages of VoIP?


Voip PhoneVoIP does not require the installation of a large phone system in your building. Instead the system is handled at the VoIP provider on a series of cloud-based servers. This means that your business saves thousands of dollars on installation costs and gets a highly reliable system that is software based with faster, less expensive upgrades and repairs than traditional phone systems.

Plus, the monthly expense of paying phone bills is considerably less with internet bases systems than traditional phone lines. Most VoIP providers offer very low packages that include features such as local and toll free numbers, voice mail, automatic attendants and more for prices that range between $20 and $30 per month, depending on the amount of minutes selected.


How does VoIP fax services stand up to their traditional counterparts?


For most VoIP providers, adding a fax service generally ranges from $9 to $15 per month depending on which provider is chosen. The first advantage that business get from having an online fax service besides the competitive price is the having a system that can be used by any employee at any time of the day or night from any location. All they need is internet access to the fax system and they can send computer documents from their location to the fax which then sends the printed documents to their final destination.

This means employees are no longer chained to their desks having to print out and wait in line to have the documents faxed out. Now they can do so from any location which saves time and paper. In addition, having an online fax system means that you are not tying up your fax line, customers and clients can now fax your business vital documents without ever having to worry about a busy signal or having the call dropped in mid-fax. This not only saves your customers and clients time, it also promotes a better, overall image of your business.


Which fax service is better, online or traditional?


When it comes to cost, efficiency and utility, there is no comparison as having an online fax service trumps the traditional version in every way. 



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