How to Access Your Router Settings and Configurations

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Router settings allow you to make changes to your network configurations may it be a normal router or a wireless router. By changing the default router configurations you can provide more security to your network. You can access your normal router or wireless router settings using any internet browser while you are connected to your router network.

Changing your router settings is not a very difficult task but you need to know how to access your router settings. The process here describes how to access your router settings and it works well for both normal as well as wireless routers.


Instructions to access your router settings


1. If you are using wireless router then connect your computer to the router using your Ethernet cable, although you can connect over WiFi, it is better to connect using cable network. If yours is not a wireless one then just switch on your router and connect the cable to your computer.

2. Now open the command prompt of your system and find the network configurations.

For Windows system: Enter the command ipconfig to find out the network settings.

For Linux OS you can use ifconfig command to find the network settings.

Access Router Settings

In the network settings find “Default gateway” and copy the IP.

3. Open your internet browser and enter the default gateway IP in the address bar and hit enter key. Now you should be able to see the login page of your router settings. Enter the admin user and password. If you do not know the user id and password try with the default user id and password which are: “admin” and “password” without the quotes. If the default user name and password does not work find out the default user and password from your router manufacturer’s website or the user manual.

After successful login you should be able to see different configurations for your network. This above method works very well with any type of router even for a wireless router. 



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