The Easiest Process To Add Watermark/Logo To Your YouTube Videos

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You might have seen watermark or logo of some brand on some of the YouTube videos like a TV channel’s logo. If you have got your own YouTube channel then perhaps you would like to add your brand logo or watermark to your videos.

Earlier we used to edit the original video to add water mark or any logo and then upload it on YouTube. This process is a tedious task and you need video editing software to do so. But now YouTube has added a new feature called In Video Programming that helps you to add any custom logo or watermark to your videos directly on the YouTube. You do not need to edit the original video.

The best part of this feature is that you need not edit all your existing videos to add watermark, this feature will enable watermark through your channel videos. The demerit of this feature is that if a viewer has disabled the annotation on the YouTube player then this logo will not be visible. 

How to Add Watermark/Logo to YouTube Video

First of all make sure that the logo or watermark you are going to add is a transparent PNG file or you can select from the official YouTube logos to promote your brand. 


Add a logo to your YouTube videos

Add a Logo to Your YouTube videos

1.First of all visit this link: In Video Programming and then you decide what you want to do, either feature your whole channel or feature a single video, in the earlier case the logo will be applied to all of your videos and in the later case the logo will be applied to only the video that you select.

2. Once you are done with your selection you can upload your channel avatar if you haven’t yet uploaded one. This avatar will be shown on your videos. 

How To Add Watermark to YouTube videos







3. After the selection of avatar  you can select the position of the logo from the drop down option and you can also select the display time for the watermark or logo. 

4. Now you can save the settings. Your job is done and now you can see your logo on your videos. 


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  1. Tonya Rabish says:

    I use idealshare videogo to add add company/individual logo to video files like avi, mp4, mkv wmv, mov

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