How to Block Sports Betting Apps on Your Teen’s Phone

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There are some apps on the marketplace today that are not appropriate for teens. Parents may worry about their teens using these apps because they can’t monitor their teen’s activity all the time. Since this is the case, parents should have a way to block certain apps that they don’t want their teens using. Below is a list of ways parents can hinder their child’s access to apps such as sports betting apps.


How to Block Sports Betting Apps


Here are various methods that you can consider applying to block sports betting apps.


Block The App Store


How to block sports betting apps

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One sure fire way parents can block these types of apps is to simply block them from accessing the app store. This can be done by going to the settings menu on the phone. From there, parents can go to restrictions and deselect the app store option. This way, the app store won’t even show up on the phone, limiting the teen’s ability to download new apps on their phone.
It is important that teens understand the value of a hard earned dollar. This teaches them a good work ethic, and earning money from betting doesn’t teach kids the right principles. Although betting is fun, it should be done in a controlled environment. Parents, ensuring that their children are being taught properly, can simply block the app store from coming up when their teen uses their phone.


Create a New Unique Password


How to Block Sports Betting Apps

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Another way to block a child from using apps that deal with sports betting is to simply change the password. In order to download apps, people are required to give a unique password. By creating a unique password during the setup process of the phone account, parents make sure that they are the only ones who have access to the app marketplace. This prevents a child from downloading apps that won’t help them out in the long run.

As a teen, they should be focused on school. Using the Spin Palace Casino app on a phone is tons of fun, but can be distracting for a teen who hasn’t mastered time management. Parents avoid this situation altogether when they create a unique password that only they know. If teens want to download an app, they will have to ask the parent’s permission. This allows a parent to safeguard their child from using apps that can take time away from their studies.


Utilize Parental Control Centers


How to Block Sports Betting Apps

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If parents are having trouble preventing their children from using sports betting apps, they can get help from parental control centers. With these centers, parents can use content filters. These filters prevent teens from accessing apps that parents don’t want their children to use.

Parents can keep track of these parental control centers by logging onto their computer. From there, they can see all of their child’s activities on their phone. If they see their child using apps that they don’t approve of, they can present an ultimatum or simply take the phone away from them for an extended period of time.

Sports betting may be fun, but people should be older in order to make smart decisions if they are gambling with money. By utilizing the strategies listed above, parents ensure that their children are using their time wisely when they are on their phones.


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