How to Change WordPress Admin Username

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By default WordPress uses the “admin” username for admin account, changing the admin username from the user interface is not allowed. This can become a security vulnerability. A hacker can easily perform a brute force attack to retrieve the admin account password as they know the admin username. But no need to worry you can still change the admin user name from the back-end. 


I will provide the simple solution to change the WordPress admin username from the back-end  This will provide more security to your WordPress blog.


How to Change WordPress admin Username


Step 1: Login to your hosting account and access MySQL client (PhpMyadmin) and access your database.

Step 2: From the database select the wp_users table (wp may vary according to your database table prefix) and browse the data.

Step 3: Locate admin and click on Edit icon.

Step 4: Under the user_login column enter your desired admin username and save it.

That’s all now your WordPress default admin user name is successfully changed.


Note: If you want to execute SQL query please find the below one: 

update wp_users set user_login='desired_name' where user_login='admin'; 

That’s all, now your blog is more secured. Please take a DB back before you proceed to avoid any unwanted data loss.


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  1. I wrote a plugin to make life easier to us all 🙂
    Admin username changer

    Hope you find it useful!

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