How to Clean Laptop Screen

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You need to know how to clean laptop screen properly in order to avoid any damages or scratches on your laptop screen. So here we have some tips for cleaning the screen properly. So lets see how to clean your laptop LCD screen properly. Read this in case you would like to know some tips to maintain laptop efficiently.


How to Clean Laptop Screen Properly Without Damaging It


how to clean laptop screen

Laptop Cleaner Solution and Cloth 

Step1: First of all Shutdown your laptop completely. 

Step2: Clean your hands with hand wash solution properly so that any oily, greasy content will be removed from your hand.

Step3: Do not touch or hard press the laptop screen as it may damage the screen. Never hard press any LCD screens.

Step4: Use a soft and completely dry cotton cloth(Specially cleaning clothes are available in the market) and gently clean the laptop screen in a single direction, either in circular motion or in any consistent direction. Do it very gently and do not press hard.

Step5: After cleaning with dry cloth, apply a little LCD screen cleaner on another side of the cloth and gently clean the laptop screen in a uniform direction. Laptop screen cleaner solution are available in the market. Never apply the screen cleaner directly on the screen, spray it on cloth and use it.

*Note: Clean your monitor/laptop screen every month to keep it as new for a long time. 


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