How to Confirm before closing all Tabs in chrome

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Google chrome browser does not show any warning or confirmation message when you try to close multiple opened tabs at once whereas Firefox and IE shows you a confirmation message. This may lead you to lose your work if accidentally you click on the main browser’s close icon instead of closing a particular tab. I am sure most of you might have faced the same problem at some point of time with chrome browser, this is very frustrating.


google chrome alert












If you are a chrome fan and want to get rid of this problem then Chrome Toolbox is the solution to your problem. Chrome Toolbox is a very popular extension made by Google which will add this missing feature to your chrome browser. Install this extension and and under the options select the setting that says “Confirm before closing multiple tabs”, actually by default this setting is enabled when you install the extension, but it is always better to recheck the setting.


Chrome Toolbox Options


Now your chrome browser will show a confirmation message when you try to close multiple opened tabs at once. Now you are free from losing your work accidentally.


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4 Responses

  1. eddyq says:

    The problem with the toolbox is that it will cause Youtube
    not play the audio.

  2. Thalateya says:

    I recently started using a mouse instead of a touch pad, and the amount of times I’ve accidently closed the window and lost all the videos I was watching was so frustrating This’ll surely help a lot!

  3. jeremejazz says:

    this app is not working for me

  4. Amarnath Reddy says:

    I don’t see this extension “chrome toolbox” anymore??

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