How to convert web page to pdf files

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Do you know how to convert web page to pdf file and save it to your computer? Some times we need to save some web pages to read it offline. Reading a pdf file is more convenient than any other files. Do you know you can convert not only web pages but also any other files to PDF file. Just use Cute Pdf Writer to convert any web page or any files to pdf file and save it to your computer. There is a free personal version of the software that you can use for free.

Where to download? You can download the software from the below link: . Follow the instruction on the page to install it.

How to use it?

After successful installation you can see the CutePDF in the Printer and Fax section of your control panel. Now lets see how does it work. Open any website using your browser then follow the below steps to save it as pdf file:

STEP1: After opening your webpage try to print it. (ctrl+p or from your browser option). You can see the printer option as shown below:



STEP2: Select the CutePDF Writer and click on print button. Don’t worry you do not require any printer or it will not send to your printer. It will ask you the location where to save the file as shown below: 

save web page as pdf file


STEP3: Just Give a name and click on the save button. Its done. Now you can go to the location and see the generated PDF file.

The same way you can save any file as a PDF file. You just need to open the file and print it to Cute PDF Writer. Hope you find this article useful.


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