How to Convert JPEG to JPG

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There are many instances where your image software may not recognize JPEG file extension or there may be some web services that does not recognize JPEG file format. These applications or web services expect JPG file format instead. So how do you convert a JPEG image to JPG image format? This is very simple, this article will describe JPEG and JPG conversion process. 

How to convert JPEG to JPG

In real JPEG is the full length extension of the JPG format. Common JPG is the shorter extension format of the JPEG images. JPG is the most commonly used format as it is shorter. So technically there is no difference between the JPEG and JPG format. If you want to convert JPEG format to JPG format then just rename the file with the extension JPG. It will not have any impact on the image and your JPEG is converted to JPG.

So from now whenever you need to convert JPEG to JPG, do not search for software for the conversion, just rename the file extension to JPG. The same way you can convert JPG to JPEG if required.


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5 Responses

  1. RAHUDEV says:


    • Mmhanlon Mh says:

      I have tried 100numerous times to change fax and scan image from automatic jpeg save to jpg save. Renaming has worked 50% of the time but now when I try to convert the file it changes the extension to filenane.jpg.jpeg. Help…this really shouldn’t be this hard to do.

  2. Habeeb says:

    Notes about the JPG file extension:

    Errors in your registry are one of the common causes for incorrect file associations on your windows system. It is highly recommended that you check your registry for file association errors (will also check for any other registry errors).

    The JPG file type is primarily associated with ‘JPEG/JIFF Image’. A lossy bitmap image format used by digital cameras and to display photographs on the Web (along with many other like uses). If you plan to edit a JPEG file save it first as a BMP or other lossless bitmap format. Edit that and then use SaveAs to resave as a JPEG file. If you edit and reedit a JPEG file you will suffer a compression loss on each read/save operation.

  3. Mmhanlon Mh says:

    I have Windows 7 and using fax and scan it automatically saves the file as. Jpeg. I have tried renaming the file and it renames the file filename.jpg.jpeg
    . No amount of pounding or save as will delete the jpeg extension. Totally frustrating, not to mention, time consuming.

  4. rfgmol says:

    I have found this awesome site with very uncomplicated information about this whole JPEG x JPG mess. By the way there is also JPE, JIF, JFI and JFIF related extensions.

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