How to Create A Filter in Gmail

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Filters in Gmail is one of the best features that we have. By using filters we can apply custom labels to our incoming emails, can send it to archive, can make it as read only without reading it, can send specific emails to spam etc. So in this article we will see how to create a filter in Gmail and how differently you can use this filter feature.

By setting up a filter in Gmail you can organize your email in different folders, you can create a safe senders list in Gmail and can have lot of other advantages.

How to Create a Filter in Gmail

Here is the step by step process to create a filter in Gmail.

Step1:  As always, login to your Gmail account first.

Step2: On the right top corner you can see a gear icon (), click on that and select “Settings” from the menu.

Step3: In the next screen you can see different menus, click on Filters menu.

Step4: In the next screen click on the Create new filter link (At the bottom of the Filter settings page), this action will popup a form as shown below, you have to enter the criteria of the filter in this form. Each filed has been explained in detail below.

how to create a filter in gmail

From: This criteria field is to indicate who the email is from. This can be the complete email address(e.g. [email protected]) or can be the domain name(e.g. or can be a top level domain(e.g .edu, .net etc) or it can be a phrase in the email address(e.g. jafaloo, for email [email protected]). If you enter a domain name in this field all emails from that domain will be applied to this filter.

To: This filed indicates to whom the email is being sent. This is also similar to the From field.

Subject: In this field you can specify a subject line for the email, is the email is having that subject then this filter will be applied to that email. For example if you want your emails having subject “Make money” to move to spam folder then you can specify this subject in this field and all those emails that contain this subject will be moved to spam folder.

Has the word: If content of the email contains the phrase/words you have specified here then the filter will apply.

Doesn’t Have: If the email does not contain the phrase you have specified the the filter will apply to that email.

Has Attachment: Self explanatory.If the email contains attachment then the filter will apply to that email.

Step5: In the next screen you can select the appropriate action to be taken if the filter is applied.There several options that you can select. If you want to send the email to a different folder then you can select Apply the label and select any label. See below image:

So this is how you create a filter in Gmail. I hope this article helped you in creating your filter. Do you have any other suggestion please provide them with your comments.


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